Introducing our speaker Rachel Reckinger

We are glad to announce Rachel Reckinger as a speaker at the TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg 2020. She raises the question: “How to design a truly sustainable food system in the context of climate change?”

Only a holistic focus on food systems and their sovereignty-struggles will lead to truly sustainable transitions for communities, to curb the effects of climate change.

Rachel Reckinger is a food sociologist and anthropologist at the University of Luxembourg and head of the research project Sustainable Food Practices, contributing to current debates on food sovereignty, biodiversity degradation, limits to growth, inequity, the search for more sustainable ways of production, consumption and governance – as well as policy coherence tackling them –, all requiring a dedicated response from the social sciences. She is involved in various projects, ranging from enhancing regional products in public kitchens of the Greater Region to experimental research on consumer decisions in shopping premises via the design of a sustainable mobile app, and providing a visual analysis of Luxembourg’s food system in an interactive infographic. These projects are underpinned by qualitative research on food actors’ motivations and levers for, but also systemic resistances to sustainable change for heightened food sovereignty, both at mainstream and niche innovations level. Additionally, Rachel is interested in farm-level and food-system-level prospective analysis for Luxembourg. She is also taking part in active policy work with the co-creation of a Food Policy Council for Luxembourg, as a multi-stakeholder discussion and negotiation group for more resilient food system alternatives, and holds a mandate in Luxembourg’s Conseil Supérieur pour un Développement Durable.

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Photo: © Sustainable Food Practices | Photo of Rachel Reckinger: © Sophie Margue