Videos (2018)

Here you can find the video recordings of all the talks and performances. Enjoy!

Leonello Tarabella, Collisions

Emilie Allaert, Fintech: paving the way to a new era

Susanne Sommer and Helmut Wiland, Steering projects without long-term plans – Mission Impossible?

Sitta, I Know I Must Go

Silvia Vignolini, Colours with a twist

Marion Woolley, Those ‘click’ moments: defying formal education

Li Bennich-Björkman, Why Academic Freedom Matters

Chris Woolston, The great science experiment: Can young researchers survive the system?

Jean-Guillaum Weis ensemble

Johannes Heuschkel, What I learned from tracking my mood, sleep and 27 other variables for one year

Paul Wilmes, The ecology of the unseen

Richard Roberts, Healing by numbers

Sitta, Part Of Me

Tanja Gabriele Baudson, The Responsibility of Science in and for Society

Sara Rigon, How can you tell if someone is a virgin?