Programme (2019)

25th October 2019

Registrations at 12:00

Meet the speakers at 12:30

Doors close at 13:00

Session 1

  • Christopher Morse: Experiential Culture: Feeling the Museum of the Future
  • Nicole Sibenaler: Why a world without signs is soundless
  • Performance 1: Pachamama Family
  • Marie-Laure Zollinger: Rewiring democracy
  • TED Video 1
  • Performance 2: EDSUN
  • Andreas Bock Michelsen: Fractal Poetry: How to use a machine for something it can’t do

Coffee break

Session 2

  • Stanislaus Schymanski: The hidden behaviours of plants
  • Alma Karim: A lifetime quest for home
  • TED Video 2
  • Performance 3: Francisco Fernandez – The Ferocious Few
  • Nicolò Maccaferri: Metamaterials matter: new possibilities with the smart material of the future
  • Marleen de Kramer: History and other lies

Coffee break

Session 3

  • TED Video 3
  • Alla Gubenko: Intelligence vs. creativity: what makes us humans?
  • Performance 4: Bartleby Delicate
  • Fabio Dalmonte: Preventing plastic oceans
  • Anna Stavdal: Why our hyper-specialized health services need super-generalists

Closing words

Drinks and standing diner (starting around 18:30)