Introducing our speaker Anna Stavdal

Today we are very proud to announce that Anna Stavdal is going to be one of our speakers at our TEDx event. Her talk has the title: “Why our hyper-specialized health services need super-generalists“.

In our times, all parts of society are characterized and often driven by specialization and commercialization. This talk describes how these trends affect health care, and how you can navigate without being lost in a complex system when you need medical advice and treatment.

Anna Stavdal is a family medicine specialist, practising in Oslo inner city for more than 30 years. She is associate professor at the Department of General Practice, University of Oslo. She is an advocate for family medicine, the former chair of the Norwegian College of General Practice, former president of Nordic Federation of General Practice, and the past president of WONCA Europe. Currently, she is the president-elect of WONCA World, the World Organisation of Family Doctors, representing more than half a million family doctors engaged in research, education and professional development in family medicine.