Introducing our speaker Anupam Sengupta

We are thrilled to announce Anupam Sengupta as a speaker at the TEDxUniversityofLuxembourg 2020. He will explain “Why microbes are crucial in tackling the climate crisis?”

Microbes are our modern currency. The currency that could hold the human-nature balance sheets in order, as we nosedive into a climatic recession!

Anupam Sengupta is an ATTRACT Fellow and Professor of Biological Physics at the University of Luxembourg. He directs a cross-disciplinary team of scientists working on emergent behaviour and functions in biological systems. Understanding how anthropogenic activities impact microorganisms, and tend to derail delicate biophysical processes, is at the heart of Anupam’s research. He is an enthusiastic educator and regularly makes time to interact with younger minds. For his contributions to science, Anupam has received multiple international recognitions, including his selection as Promising Young Scientist for the Future at the 2015 Lindau Meeting for Nobel Laureates.

Watch this video: or follow the link to find out more about Anupam’s research: