Videos from our 2020 Countdown event are online

Last October, we had 13 amazing talks 📢 and 6 outstanding performances 👨‍🎤👩‍🎤 on climate change and climate action. Now, we are extremely proud to bring the videos of the talks to the global TEDx community: you can see them all on YouTube 📺 👀.

Alexander METTERNICH: Motivating for Sustainability – a systemic approach

Ognyan ‘Flame’ DARINOV: Understanding the environment through poetry

Tara MANCINIThinking Fluidly to Solve Problems

Phil DALE: How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?

Jesal DOSHI: Em~POWER~ing a better planet for the lives we save

Anupam SENGUPTA: Why microbes are crucial in tackling the climate crisis

Ariane KÖNIG: How you can help restore the foundation for life on Earth

András KOZMA: How long could a building last?

Samyukta SIVASHANKAR: What is your part?
(Winner of our Youth Writing Contest <12 years)

Rushank BARDOLIA: Sustainability is in your PALM

Rachel RECKINGER: How to design a truly sustainable food system in the context of climate change?

Luca MACCHI + Frédéric BROCHIER: Eco-mobility and corporate gardens: two winning components to commit yourself to tackle the climate change (in French & English)

Christie Anne BAGGENDORFF: Once Upon a Rainforest
(Winner of our Youth Writing Contest >12 years)

Varan PATHMANATHAN: Put your money where your heart is

under revision

Jane WILKINSON: Financing the future we all wish to have