Introducing our speaker Jane Wilkinson

As our last speaker, we are really proud to introduce Jane Wilkinson. She is going to talk to us about “Financing the Future we all wish to have”.

You can have the most fantastic, transformative idea or technology which will save the planet and the human race from extinction, but without finance, your idea is dead! How is the financial sector embracing its role in today’s changing world?

Jane has a long career in the finance sector in London, then here in Luxembourg, mostly with KPMG and more recently at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. She has spent her career working with financial
companies as their auditor and since the early 2000s has particularly focused on sustainable finance and sustainability. She is now a successful independent director, bringing the combination of her financial and sustainability expertise, to the board rooms of companies that wish to embrace the future we all wish to have! 

Jane is extremely pleased to be teaching part of the University of Luxembourg’s new Sustainable Finance track in the Finance & Economics Masters programme.

Find more information about her work here: