Introducing our speaker Ariane König

Join us to welcome our next speaker Ariane König. Her talk is titled: “How you can help restore the foundation for life on earth”.

Changes we experience in our daily life from technological innovation, migration and demography, changes in social and cultural norms, and the environment we live in including the ecosystems we are a part of are all interconnected. Yet, the way we produce new knowledge to inform innovation in policy making and in the economy, as well as in how we fashion our personal life styles is organized in disciplinary silos and sectors.  This talk equips you to better understand and unravel such systemic mutual influences across the material, social and personal spheres for the purpose of taking action and learning to regenerate ecosystems that we are embedded in and depend upon for our existence.

Ariane König is a Senior Researcher at the University of Luxembourg, where she and her team are engaged in research projects to facilitate and learn from social processes with experts and stakeholders to address complex sustainability challenges in our interconnected water and food systems in practice. She also built and coordinates an innovative study programme in ‘Sustainability and Social Innovation’ that is open to students and professionals.  König is a member of the European Statistical Advisory Committee and has completed two terms as a member of the national Conseil Supérieur pour un Développement Durable. Initially König was trained as a genetic engineer at the University of Cambridge, and first worked on risk regulation for a leading multinational life science corporation. Thereafter she joined the universities of Harvard and Oxford, where she conducted research and taught postgraduate and executive training courses on the governance of new technologies and risk, with a focus on agricultural food production. She has also worked as an independent scientific consultant for the OECD, the European Commission, and EU research consortia. Her most recent book ‘Sustainability Science: Key Issues’ was published by Routledge in 2018.

Here you can find out more about her work: