Introducing our speaker Tara Mancini

We are happy to introduce Tara Mancini as our speaker. She will talk about how we can use reimagination to overcome climate change.

I always felt as if there were two worlds, earth’s and the one people lived in.

She says about herself:

In high school, I realized our resources were going to run out and I wanted to do something about it. In college I learnt about atmospheric chemical cycles, that breathing is something we all would like to continue to do, and CO2 concentrations were headed in the wrong direction. I worked a day job in a laboratory, so I could fund doing my own experiments on the weekends. Then formed a company and applied for grants. One day, a person overheard my story and said, “But you don’t have a PhD, what gives you the right to start a laboratory?

Here you can find out more about her work